Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Winter's Blood Paperback Coming Soon!

Good morning everyone. :)

Ever since Winter's Blood: A Werewolf Novella was first published, I have always had the desire to see it in paperback form scratching incessantly at the back of my head. Much as I appreciate the speed and relative ease of e-publishing, print publishing will always be my one true love. So perhaps it was inevitable that one day, I would sit down at my computer and write this very blog post, announcing that a paperback edition of Winter's Blood will be released in November!

I'm absolutely thrilled to be bringing you this news, and not just because of my own personal preference for hard, physical copies of the books I both read and write. Despite the prevalence of e-readers like the Kindle, there is still a very substantial number of people who don't have or want one, and this paperback edition finally gives me the opportunity to share Winter's Blood with them as well.

Plus, I'll finally have a copy of my own that I can actually stand on my bookshelf. :P