Born in the beginning of August, Zachery is very much a summer baby; despite being born in Washington and raised in Oregon. There are numerous reasons why he started writing, but perhaps the biggest are his wildly overactive imagination, a deep love for all things fantastical and otherworldly, and a sixth grade teacher who finally let him use these tools to complete his morework assignments. The defining moment however, his official point-of-no-return, was a motivational speaker who came to his school in 8th grade to deliver this line of wisdom: "To be truly happy in life, find something you love doing, and then find someone who'll pay you to do it."

The rest, as they often say, is history.

Now, Zachery (or Zach, as he prefers) spends most of his time living in half a dozen worlds at once; with half his mind drifting pleasantly in and out of reality to visit whichever fantasy world strikes its fancy. The other half of his mind stays home in the real world, taking the stories his fantasy mind comes back with and turning them into books.

"It gets a little crazy at times," he says, "but fortunately for me, I like a little crazy."