Winter's Blood

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Twisted steel.

Patches of blood-soaked snow.

Even after six years, these are the things Michael McGavin sees when he thinks of Christmas. Fragments of memory about a car crash he barely survived, and still sometimes wishes he hadn't. Because he hadn't been alone in the car that night. Abigail Tanner had been his girlfriend, his best friend, and her body had been thrown so far from the crash site that rescue workers hadn't been able to find it. On the day of the funeral, Michael buried a piece of his soul with her empty casket. Six years to the day after the crash, Michael returns home to spend Christmas with his family. His one and only hope is that this Christmas passes as quickly and quietly as the others have.

And then a single gunshot changes everything.

Now, with an eerily wolf-like bite mark on his shoulder as proof, Michael finds himself face-to-face with the shocking truth behind his car crash. A truth that will force him to choose between two lives and two kinds of love. Whatever his decision, Michael must make it soon, because he knows what that bite mark means and he has less than two days before his first transformation...